Looking for an office building or other type of filming location?  Look no further!  See our featured properties below



Featured Property: VACANT 22801 Roscoe (Former Devry)

The Location Portal is pleased to bring back to you the recently renovated, film-friendly and completely VACANT 22801 Roscoe, a 2-story modern granite and glass building located in West Hills. Features landscaped grounds and large circle driveway; spacious atrium lobby with stairs and elevator to second floor; raw floor with exposed ceiling; crew parking and base camp on site. Click on photos for more details about this property.



Featured Property: 400 & 450 N. Brand

Welcome to 400 & 450 N. Brand, a Class A office complex comprised of two 9-story buildings on a full city block in Glendale. Features beautiful landscaped courtyard with seating areas and fountain, large elegant lobbies with stone flooring; vacant floors with reception, varied views; adjacent parking structure with rooftop deck and more. Click on photos for more details about this property.




Featured Property: VACANT Fair Oaks Restaurant (Former El Chollo)

Fair Oaks Restaurant is a VACANT Spanish-style restaurant located in Pasadena. Features outdoor patio with fountain; two levels of indoor seating areas with bar; large full-service kitchen; base camp and crew parking onsite. Click on photos for more details about this property.




Featured Property: West Hills Plaza

We are proud to present West Hills Plaza, a 3-story office building located in Woodland Hills. Features a modest lobby with floor-to-ceiling glass; landscaped grounds with fountain and seating areas; state-of-the-art dressed fitness center with views and more. Click on photos for more details about this property.

Yes, We Have Theatres!

15218028786_b78cfa5352_zOur Search by Categories option on The Location Portal website is designed to make life easier for production. All our locations’ filmable areas are broken down by type and easily searched by photo. Whatever you’re looking for – theatres, fountains, bars, server rooms, schools, office buildings, gyms, parking structures, mechanical rooms, lofts, restaurants, helipads, cafeterias, plazas, banks, cubicles, conference rooms, dressed offices, escalators, revolving doors, parks, lobbies you can shoot in during the week – we’ve made it simple for you to find in our location library. Click here to see our Search by Category option.